Visual Aids for Teens.

I have four children ranging in ages from almost 18 down to 3. All of them seem to be hearing impaired most days or, more likely, the decibal level of my voice has been excluded from their range. This would explain why, after having told them 100 times to do certain things a certain way, they are unable to perform said tasks effectively. This is why I’ve decided to add visual aids to reinforce my ineffectual verbal requests.

Take, for instance, flushing the toilet. Seems simple right? I mean the handle is right there, they’ve been taught from a very young age it’s function in life and how to work it. I accept the fact that a 3 year old may have trouble remembering to flush every time, but after 17+ years you would think this simple action would have sunk in. So…


We don't water the lawn so you can flush the toilet. Every. Time. You. Use. It.

The toilet paper roll is NOT out of batteries! In fact there are no batteries. Please replace manually. When. Empty.



Not. Acceptable.

Bread costs money. Bread gets stale in the presence of oxygen. Please put the twisty tie back on the bread bag. Every. Time. You. Take. Bread. Out.


Jeans have belt loops for a reason. If your pair of pants slips, put the belt through the loops and latch securely. Asscrack and underwear is visually only acceptable if you intend to enter the plumbing profession.






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