Ramblings on Harry Potter and Alan Rickman.

So…I decided to read the entire Harry Potter Series. I know it’s geared towards young adults or “tweens”, but I’m going through an early midlife crisis and my sister has been harping on me for years to read them. So I did. And you know what? They are fantastic! Not just great, but fan-fucking-tastic!! You would never know that JK was a first time author from these books. Her writing style is simple yet in two sentences she describes the scene perfectly, I mean like you are right there with the characters.

After reading all seven books in two months I then decided I’d better watch all the movies too, because I am a geek and I don’t get out much and maybe NOW  I can figure out what’s going on. I’d seen some of the movies in the past, but always haphazardly and with those British accents it was kind of hard to keep up. And now I have a HUGE crush on Alan Rickman. Yes, greasy hair and nasty snear aside, the man can deliver a line like no one else. And he chose Lily’s petronus due to his undying and unrequited love! I bawled like a three year old being denied cotton candy at the fair when it was revealed that he was a good guy all along!! Forget that he’s 65-ish, the man makes me swoon.

I LOVE a man in black and a cape!




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