About Moi.


About to hit the big 4-2, I think. After 21 it’s hard to keep track and I actually have to do a little math. I dislike math. Anyway, I feel like I hit my groove. Things are good in life. Maybe I’ll start counting backwards; yeah, this year I’ll celebrate 38.

Still working on the novel. It’s coming slowly.

Love my bathing suits and jeans now. New post on that one.

Started doing charity work. Loving the challenge of that and wish I could work for a nonprofit. Still too many kids to support for that dream.


Well, for the most part I’m still trying to figure myself out, but in a nutshell…

I am a fanatical reader.

I am writing a fantasy novel(still debating on whether to include hot, Harlequin sex scenes. Do these sell better???)

I work because I have to and because if I didn’t I would not have the motivation to write said novel.

I love ink-making and consider it a dark art!

I consider ALL bathing suits public enemy #1.

My role models are my mother and my outspoken sister! That’s right Hillary, eat your heart out!

My 3- year old walks in heels better than I do and looks more fashionable!

My idea of comfortable attire is a pair of jeans(that fit) and a black Daisy Fuentes T-shirt.

Chapstick IS my friend!

My favorite low calorie snack is Cheetos! I love that your fingers are orange for HOURS even when you clean them!

My favorite poem is The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.

I adore misfits!

I wear a muffintop like NOBODY’S business!

Song of the moment is OAR’s Shattered.


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